Faring yet in the new year?

Almost 1 month is going to pass. And I am wondering if in the new year I am faring well or at least showing signs of faring.

Last year though I had lots of failures one thing i did well to my satisfaction is prayer. I spent a good lot of time praying for everyone. And this one month I barely prayed. Worries and troubles kept me away from prayers. Need to start getting back to it.

And the new job I joined is taking so much energy, not the job but the cooking, rushing my son, and the extra things. May God grant help me with some bonus energy points. I need more of stamina.

Well begun is half done, they say. For me beginning well is abiding in the lord and subjecting myself to his will.

And yeah I need to be more into bible and prayer for that.

Found this in Facebook and a real thing.

Merry Christmas to all 🌲🌲

Christmas as many would know is to mark the significance of birth of christ. Though we celebrate it on 25th of December, it is not a biblical date. Though even historians agree jesus was born and existed, but it’s not on 25th December. Its just a date chosen to celebrate.

And the trees, wreaths and decorations all are of no significance and is just for decorations. But all this adds to the spirit of Christmas and a way to spread love, joy and gospel.

This Christmas I am not very merry due to the political unrest in our country and the discriminatory nature of policies and Bill’s incorporated over us. But again I am choosing to fix my eyes on christ and be hopeful about future.

Jesus’s birth is a prophecy, many prophets made for over 2000 years. 2000 years Lots of kings came and went, political tensions existed, wars waged, won and lost, Jews went into captivity and freed, etc. And finally jesus was born in an unimaginable way, the virgin birth, in a human form leaving all his heavenly realms yet in the fullness of God.

So, today even when circumstances are grim, remember that we serve a God who is not affected by situations and can change even the adverse things to work for our good.

Keep the faith on!!

Merry Christmas to all. 🙂🙂

Lets be on knees, and renew our mind,heart and spirit to follow christ this coming year.

David’s Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving for a good job, house, materials, family and friends is our norm. David had however a different Thanksgiving in 2samuel 7:18 – 29.

Who am I, O Lord God? And what is my house, that you have brought me this far?

This is my thought at this moment too. Who am I, not a person of royal household, not a holy and good person, not a person whom even humans would choose to have friendship with.

And the ancient of days, lord of hosts, God of abraham, Issac and Jacob, chose me, chose us to reveal himself and have fellowship with, Covenant with.

This moment, you may be having a lack of job, money, friends, partner or health, and may be dejected about it on a Thanksgiving time. But you have a reason to give Thanks. And that is, the power that created the earth and heaven is willing to reside In you and give you an abundant life.

Happy Thanksgiving folks!!

Small world

The year is nearing towards an end. And as the season fall, my life too has withered many a leaves. Lots of people have left my life or I have walked away.

There was a church I was going to, I have left and slowly cut ties with the leads and others. Some close friends showed their colors, whom I have now stopped talking to. I had some neighbors and apartment people whom I had got to know after coming to this new place at the start of this year, who turned out to be venomous than cobras, so stopped much interaction with them as well.

So there now, I have a shrunken small world now. But there are no fake ones in life now, no toxic ones. They may or may not come back into my life, but I have learnt lessons.

So, this year I have withered away the dries relations.

I painted this fall pic, watercolor on paper.

Raging storms within me

There are many a storms in a mans life. Some waves so strong that toss us to and fro.

But for me, the biggest challenge is calming the storms within me. This mind that races ahead of time, heart that overwhelms with emotions, and a soul that longs for a lot of things which no more exist in this world.

Oh, that I would rest in the promises of the lord, safe in the fort and shelter of the most high. Even when my eyes don’t see, when my intelligence doesn’t sense any ray of hope, let me remember that he has well planned and arranged my life and provided my needs and wants. Even despite my mistakes and human errors and flaws, his plan is perfect and will come to pass no matter what.

Why does this limited mind fail to trust in you, even after seeing your doings in all these past years of my life.

Wasn’t abraham stopped last minute before the sacrifice after his faith was tested. Has not the lord said the righteous shall not be moved. Is the lords hands shortened, that he cannot save. Did he not say, the one who keeps Israel neither sleeps nor slumbers.

Rest in the word of God, my soul.

Rest in his providence.

In his name is all the power and all you have to do is trust in him!

Parlour,money and psychology..

Not everyone would agree with this..

But if u want to save money. Then the best place to cut short your expenses is in beauty parlour.

There are only 2 popular hair cuts: step and layer cut. And that too it is the same if you get it done in a small shop for 250 rs or in big lakme or vlcc saloons.

Other than hair removal waxing and threading things everything else is a lie.

The facial, cleansing, bleaching, clean up everything is a lie. And does nothing much to your face. And most of these are chemicals and better to be avoided. If you are already beautiful, then nothing much happens..and if you are not beautiful, then these wont make you beautiful.

Also, no matter what they say. Your face is tanned, you need bleaching, you need de tan, lots of dark spots, do facial, whiteheads do steaming.. outright say no ..I don’t want all that..

In my whole life have done it a few times and I can tell it is a utter waste.

When we check the face after doing these. The parlour guys say immediately we cannot see the difference, after 1 or 2 days only the glow will come. I have thought lot about how is it scientifically, that after 2 days some effect comes. Well, bcos after 2 days we wont go back and ask, glow nahin aaya. And another thing, we have a psychological feeling that we have done facial and we are pretty. So we look at ourselves and think we are pretty.

So it’s all a business and we can avoid wasting money in this..I mean u want to save money and stay away from chemicals.. and again it’s my personal view and everybody has their own choice.

Living root bride,Mawlynnong, Dawki and more…

The waters reflecting both sun and moon.IMG_0183

A Fiery sunset.


Khasi Hills


rainbow over Seven sister Falls, Cherrapunji.IMG_0407

clear water falls and rock formations.


The living root bridge, Mawlynnong.IMG_0617IMG_0588

Asia’s cleanest village, Mawlynnong.IMG_0637IMG_0668IMG_0681IMG_0705

A tree house.IMG_0638

Dawki, Umngot river.IMG_0710IMG_0806IMG_0809

Tea gardens, ShillongIMG_0888

Elephant falls, Shillong.IMG_0904

Clouds covering us over, CherrapunjiIMG_0325

Dawki, the river crosses over to bangladesh.IMG_0773

Golf course, Shillong.


Its a christian majority state, so lots of churches.


have many more pics but stopping here.

Don Bosco

Throughout the world and in India we come across Don bosco educational institutions. And you know how it all began?

A man John bosco popularly known as don bosco was born in a family with many siblings and lost his father at the age of 2, leaving his mother to provide for whole family. Though John bosco was intelligent, he had to work as a shepherd and farmer and lots of other jobs and could not afford education.

Also, he studied the behaviour of boys who were rough and would often fight. At the age of 9 he had a dream of a man coming and telling that not by blows but by love you can win these friends. And that evil is bad and virtue is good. Then he had series of dreams like this.

As much he saw underprivileged and abandoned boys, he empathized with them and this later began as homes and schools for such young boys who were taught with love.

This small movement later spread across the world.

While you read this, after knowing christ, do you have a vision? Other than thinking about yourselves, do think of doing something for others? Even If it’s on a small scale, do it. Do the little bit you can for others because for them it might change their life,and who knows it might be the start of a revolution.