Merry Christmas to all 🌲🌲

Christmas as many would know is to mark the significance of birth of christ. Though we celebrate it on 25th of December, it is not a biblical date. Though even historians agree jesus was born and existed, but it’s not on 25th December. Its just a date chosen to celebrate.

And the trees, wreaths and decorations all are of no significance and is just for decorations. But all this adds to the spirit of Christmas and a way to spread love, joy and gospel.

This Christmas I am not very merry due to the political unrest in our country and the discriminatory nature of policies and Bill’s incorporated over us. But again I am choosing to fix my eyes on christ and be hopeful about future.

Jesus’s birth is a prophecy, many prophets made for over 2000 years. 2000 years Lots of kings came and went, political tensions existed, wars waged, won and lost, Jews went into captivity and freed, etc. And finally jesus was born in an unimaginable way, the virgin birth, in a human form leaving all his heavenly realms yet in the fullness of God.

So, today even when circumstances are grim, remember that we serve a God who is not affected by situations and can change even the adverse things to work for our good.

Keep the faith on!!

Merry Christmas to all. 🙂🙂

Lets be on knees, and renew our mind,heart and spirit to follow christ this coming year.

David’s Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving for a good job, house, materials, family and friends is our norm. David had however a different Thanksgiving in 2samuel 7:18 – 29.

Who am I, O Lord God? And what is my house, that you have brought me this far?

This is my thought at this moment too. Who am I, not a person of royal household, not a holy and good person, not a person whom even humans would choose to have friendship with.

And the ancient of days, lord of hosts, God of abraham, Issac and Jacob, chose me, chose us to reveal himself and have fellowship with, Covenant with.

This moment, you may be having a lack of job, money, friends, partner or health, and may be dejected about it on a Thanksgiving time. But you have a reason to give Thanks. And that is, the power that created the earth and heaven is willing to reside In you and give you an abundant life.

Happy Thanksgiving folks!!