Small world

The year is nearing towards an end. And as the season fall, my life too has withered many a leaves. Lots of people have left my life or I have walked away.

There was a church I was going to, I have left and slowly cut ties with the leads and others. Some close friends showed their colors, whom I have now stopped talking to. I had some neighbors and apartment people whom I had got to know after coming to this new place at the start of this year, who turned out to be venomous than cobras, so stopped much interaction with them as well.

So there now, I have a shrunken small world now. But there are no fake ones in life now, no toxic ones. They may or may not come back into my life, but I have learnt lessons.

So, this year I have withered away the dries relations.

I painted this fall pic, watercolor on paper.

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