Raging storms within me

There are many a storms in a mans life. Some waves so strong that toss us to and fro.

But for me, the biggest challenge is calming the storms within me. This mind that races ahead of time, heart that overwhelms with emotions, and a soul that longs for a lot of things which no more exist in this world.

Oh, that I would rest in the promises of the lord, safe in the fort and shelter of the most high. Even when my eyes don’t see, when my intelligence doesn’t sense any ray of hope, let me remember that he has well planned and arranged my life and provided my needs and wants. Even despite my mistakes and human errors and flaws, his plan is perfect and will come to pass no matter what.

Why does this limited mind fail to trust in you, even after seeing your doings in all these past years of my life.

Wasn’t abraham stopped last minute before the sacrifice after his faith was tested. Has not the lord said the righteous shall not be moved. Is the lords hands shortened, that he cannot save. Did he not say, the one who keeps Israel neither sleeps nor slumbers.

Rest in the word of God, my soul.

Rest in his providence.

In his name is all the power and all you have to do is trust in him!

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