Parlour,money and psychology..

Not everyone would agree with this..

But if u want to save money. Then the best place to cut short your expenses is in beauty parlour.

There are only 2 popular hair cuts: step and layer cut. And that too it is the same if you get it done in a small shop for 250 rs or in big lakme or vlcc saloons.

Other than hair removal waxing and threading things everything else is a lie.

The facial, cleansing, bleaching, clean up everything is a lie. And does nothing much to your face. And most of these are chemicals and better to be avoided. If you are already beautiful, then nothing much happens..and if you are not beautiful, then these wont make you beautiful.

Also, no matter what they say. Your face is tanned, you need bleaching, you need de tan, lots of dark spots, do facial, whiteheads do steaming.. outright say no ..I don’t want all that..

In my whole life have done it a few times and I can tell it is a utter waste.

When we check the face after doing these. The parlour guys say immediately we cannot see the difference, after 1 or 2 days only the glow will come. I have thought lot about how is it scientifically, that after 2 days some effect comes. Well, bcos after 2 days we wont go back and ask, glow nahin aaya. And another thing, we have a psychological feeling that we have done facial and we are pretty. So we look at ourselves and think we are pretty.

So it’s all a business and we can avoid wasting money in this..I mean u want to save money and stay away from chemicals.. and again it’s my personal view and everybody has their own choice.