Dalits fooled in every religion

First 2 pics are of a Christian pastor making people fall here and there in the name of anointing and the next 2 pics are of Hindus carrying Kanwar yatra, where they carry pots and walk barefoot for miles.

We can never see a brahmin or any sophisticated caste person doing this in Hinduism or Christianity. It is only the dalits and backward caste people who are made to do such manual and foolish things. If a God requires you to be fool, then leave that religion.

Though I follow christ, I read bible and pray. I too believe in anointing but not which makes people fall, for what good is falling here and there. Anointing is for us to read bible better and pray for others with zeal and other spiritual gifts, which someday I will write in detail.

Everywhere, we are fooled and kept blind, so that we remain as lesser beings.

Stay away from such masses. God is to be worshipped in sanity and a sound mind.