Paintings in August

So, these are the canvas paintings I have done in the month. Decided to put this blog alone for art work i did.

Living root bride,Mawlynnong, Dawki and more…

The waters reflecting both sun and moon.IMG_0183

A Fiery sunset.


Khasi Hills


rainbow over Seven sister Falls, Cherrapunji.IMG_0407

clear water falls and rock formations.


The living root bridge, Mawlynnong.IMG_0617IMG_0588

Asia’s cleanest village, Mawlynnong.IMG_0637IMG_0668IMG_0681IMG_0705

A tree house.IMG_0638

Dawki, Umngot river.IMG_0710IMG_0806IMG_0809

Tea gardens, ShillongIMG_0888

Elephant falls, Shillong.IMG_0904

Clouds covering us over, CherrapunjiIMG_0325

Dawki, the river crosses over to bangladesh.IMG_0773

Golf course, Shillong.


Its a christian majority state, so lots of churches.


have many more pics but stopping here.

Don Bosco

Throughout the world and in India we come across Don bosco educational institutions. And you know how it all began?

A man John bosco popularly known as don bosco was born in a family with many siblings and lost his father at the age of 2, leaving his mother to provide for whole family. Though John bosco was intelligent, he had to work as a shepherd and farmer and lots of other jobs and could not afford education.

Also, he studied the behaviour of boys who were rough and would often fight. At the age of 9 he had a dream of a man coming and telling that not by blows but by love you can win these friends. And that evil is bad and virtue is good. Then he had series of dreams like this.

As much he saw underprivileged and abandoned boys, he empathized with them and this later began as homes and schools for such young boys who were taught with love.

This small movement later spread across the world.

While you read this, after knowing christ, do you have a vision? Other than thinking about yourselves, do think of doing something for others? Even If it’s on a small scale, do it. Do the little bit you can for others because for them it might change their life,and who knows it might be the start of a revolution.

Fresh fruits, fish & pork

I am smitten by these people and this place. Their rich culture and lifestyle makes me question who actually is rich on earth, the ones in city with latest gadgets and technology or these people who are naturally blessed with pure water, air, dense forests, fresh fruits , fish, pork and vegetables.

I have a thousand pics to share and will do in next blogs i write. These are some of the pics. you can guess the place later.


to be continued…….

Dalits fooled in every religion

First 2 pics are of a Christian pastor making people fall here and there in the name of anointing and the next 2 pics are of Hindus carrying Kanwar yatra, where they carry pots and walk barefoot for miles.

We can never see a brahmin or any sophisticated caste person doing this in Hinduism or Christianity. It is only the dalits and backward caste people who are made to do such manual and foolish things. If a God requires you to be fool, then leave that religion.

Though I follow christ, I read bible and pray. I too believe in anointing but not which makes people fall, for what good is falling here and there. Anointing is for us to read bible better and pray for others with zeal and other spiritual gifts, which someday I will write in detail.

Everywhere, we are fooled and kept blind, so that we remain as lesser beings.

Stay away from such masses. God is to be worshipped in sanity and a sound mind.