Thoughts on birthday

The last decade was tough. full of heartbreaks, failures, changes, sickness and few good things. But constantly Gods grace sustained me.

The 2 years when I left god as a prodigal son,the father came in search of me while I was suffering and found me, embraced me. Lesson learnt: no matter what happens in life, never leave bible and prayer.

Money I earned in the past decade is less or negligible. If I had not been married and career would have gone as I had planned, I would have had so many lacs extra by now. But instead I have a husband and son. And my son is the best thing that has happened so far in my life.

Many unfulfilled dreams and desires yet in my heart and mind. Let me see if I am able to make best out of life the coming years.But I am sure the next decade will be less turbulent and more of a predictable journey, revolving around Jaden.

My battle is now against myself. Against anger, bitterness,rage, ego, envy and hatred.

Health, happiness, safety, progress and lots of love. This is the list I want for the years ahead. Amen.

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