Time to be a ‘Reality show judge’ 

Famous actresses after marriage or child birth when offers they get reduces or their market value decreases due to other actresses  takeover, opt for this career. It pays them decent and keeps their career going, while being at home with their kids when needed. The latest being kareena in the line. It’s shocking  that despite her lineage and family being top bollywood family, after so much promotion of her pregnancy, workout after childbirth and her sons constant being in the lime light, she became a reality show judge and could not get movie offers. 

Also, the wives of big actors like Shahrukh khan, Akshay Kumar and hrithik Roshan have another career line . They launch fashion brands, decome interior designers and write books and blogs,which God knows who actually does and remain discredited. 

Why am I  stating these now, that these big shots have an alternative to their career. While we middle class women, working in IT industry or core companies, when after marriage or children if we want some alternative which is less time bound, yet paying decently, we fail to find one. One job which many people suggest is teaching. As it pays decent and gives time for family. But I feel teaching is a very serious job and only those passionate about making students succeed should go for it and not to just while away time. 

Some girls I know have started creche or daycare, which again I will never venture into as it is very delicate job to deal with those little beings. 

So there, is there a job as a reality show judge or an interior designer which these big shots do? 

Ponder on this and if you come up with some idea share with me guys!! 

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