‘Fishy’  palkova

Palkova is one of my favorite sweets. Made from milk, boiled and  condensed, added sugar to until becomes solid. Looks like this. 
It has  long cooking time as we have to keep stirring the milk to avoid getting burnt. As I had excess milk at home, I started making palkova, in the heat of Gurgaon summer, standing in front of stove for a long time, was an unwanted thing to begin with. But the desire to eat palkova was so much that any effort did not matter. 

After hours of stirring and making a perfect palkova. Allowed it to cool a bit, put in a bowl and sat to relish the dish. And with first spoon in mouth, goosh… I tasted  fish. Yaak..again to be sure I tried licking and tasting again without puking. Not sure of how this is happening and just to be sure, I got this tasted by hubby also. Result was the same. It was all fish+palkova taste. One of the yukkiest taste. 

After wondering I realized just 2 days back, I had made fish curry in the same kadai in which made palkova. While i prepare fish curry , I never eat it, only my family does. Tamarind, coconut milk, fish, spices, all cooked for long time. Even after washing kadai, I think in molecular level, the ingredients seeped into the aluminum kadai and remained there. Or else it’s some other  scientific phenomenon i do not get yet. 

Anyways, it spoilt my mood to an extent that I had vomiting sensation and an aversion of palkova anywhere for many days. 

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