Are we run by them? 

The election results put a deep sadness in the hearts of minorities. Unemployment is in an all time high and Caste based atrocities and religion based abuse is something we can expect to be boldly done in the next 5 years. 

But let me remind you, we never had anyone before also to do good. Especially the castes not belonging to the top of the ladder. We never had jobs anyway, we fought with no one to back us up, except for some software Giants and a few seats here and there, we are eating the crumbs thrown by the well fed people. 

As for Christians feeling sad, only those looting poor people’s money, those who fool people by the name of religion need to feel sad. Otherwise, prayer and Bible reading nobody can stop. Even nature will preach Christ, because God is spirit and spirit cannot be stopped or closed in a closet. 

Whom did we have in government before that we fear today of not having governments support. Or for that matter, in offices, where state lobby and powerful Caste people rule and support their own Caste people, whom do we have in offices as well. 

Let not fear reside in your hearts. As we are run by the God, who created the heaven and the earth. Our providence and our refuge is in him. Let us be bold and face the future with courage. 


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