May not make it big 

Not sure about how many of us can make it big in life. Big house, big package, big fat weddings, posh luxury stays. Not sure, how much and how many of us can make it king size.

But we can make it deep. Deep in experience, deep in roots, in memories, in feelings, in making the best of what we have , in making every day count, in depth of relationships within family, in giving roots  and wings to our kids, in showing them the way through the way we live, in making a home full of love and care.

Anyone can do that, much more a person who has tasted Christ can.

I am more of interested in quality, less in quantity. Increasingly,  people are focusing more on quanity, showing the amount of cash we have, the power we have, yet the amount of people we really impact is less. To influence is easy, to impact is the thing.

We can influence with our lifestyle, our dress or luxury,  but we impact with our character, our choices and our contribution in people’s  lives. So there, I want to create an impact in atleast my sons life. Help him in the journey, till at least he can  be independent enough to take on life.

So there,  it’s not about how big we are, but how deep we live.


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