Optimism is for the blind 

I have been a pessimist all my life. And people hate me for the negative thinking, but I realize that positive thinking is just a fools ways of consoling himself. 

I will clear this interview, says the person who does not understand the politics within companies. 

I love this boy, will marry him and be  happily married ever after, says the girl, who does not understand that choosing her was a well calculated move, and after a few years of marrying her, she will be furniture at his house, and when she is old, he will be attracted to a younger girl,forgetting all the love of his wife. 

I am rich, thinks the person who does not know that his wealth will be taken away by some girl and boy who marry his kids. And he will be forced in one room, when he is longer able to walk without help. 

A stay in resort, a girl posts pics, but that stay was for a couple of days, because they could not afford for a month, they do not mention. 

Honeymoon pics, pre and post wedding photos, it’s all an eyewash and you were never even a first love or choice, my heart says. 

I am not pessimistic. I just see through reality. I am not hopeless, just don’t belive in false hopes. 

These are not very good thoughts to pen down. But Just occurred to me. 


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