The woman I adore. 

a woman far ahead of her times, my grandmother, my Patti,is my inspiration and role model. A retired school teacher, she was  one of the rare educated woman in her village. She walked miles every day to go to work and be back, managed fields and did farming whenever she could, she bought and managed property in those days when women were supposed to be confined in kitchen.

She was a pretty woman in her young age, I still call her sundari kutty.
She had a strong  sense of social responsibility. She started a small saving scheme within her village women, where each women had to contribute a small amount of money each month, and when anyone amongst them needed money, they could take loan from the group. The idea was to prevent borrowing money from abusive wealthy landlords and thus falling into debt cycle.

When I was a little girl, she taught me to do maths with ease. All my bedtime stories were from bible, she bought me my first Bible and taught me to read it.
When I was sick, She was quick with home remedies. When mom scolded me at times, she was to my rescue. When I was a teenager she would advise on  how girls  should be careful. When I wore shorts at home, while I expected her to be angry, she said instead, “this is a real comfortable dress isn’t it.”

She was a devout Christian, who till today prays fervently for us. Now At 80 plus years of age, she cooks for self and manages on her own and lives on her pension ,refusing her children’s help.
she uses a small zero watt bulb even today while sleeping. When asked why she recites the horror of her neighbor trying to kill her and rob her at night when she was pregnant. Her varied experiences remind me that life is much safer and easier today.
She has even now an almirah of nicely folded sarees. She believes a working woman should always  dress neatly and decently.
There are many a women whom I stalk on Instagram and follow in fb,But in the real practical life, the woman who is etched in my heart and mind is my grandmother.

Her name is Valli. For me she is sundari kutty.


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