Systems that fail us

As we live this life on earth, we will follow many of the systems, this world has created in order to survive. The educational system, the marriage, the companies we work for,etc.  It is inevitable to not fail in any of these. 

As we cross each of these, no matter how much we try to be perfect, we will fail in one or more of these systems. These systems are worldly systems which manipulate the truth, and make us believe we are successful or failures. But the truth of,  are we successful or not only God knows. 

Many colleges Purposefully fail some students, many companies Purposefully sideline people and fail to give them correct promotions. Many families of groom and bride do everything to prove the partner they chose is  not worth. Families and own blood manipulate situations and scenarios to suit their monetary and political benefits. 

Sometimes,  when systems are right, our strength in a particular area fails us.  Sometimes,  one particular subject is beyond our intellectual ability. Some people are emotionally weak and cannot handle a situation. Some make a mess of their marriage lives when their spouse is perfect. 

Some or the other system on earth will fail us for sure. What we need to do is, submit and live in God’s grace and will, so that even our failures are in the direction which he wills to take us. 

A low or high score before joining college, when done our best and submitted to his will, will end up shaping 3 or 4 years as per his will.  A Layoff in a company where we did our best and left the rest in God’s hands, will take us to new ventures in his grace.  

Failures are not absolute failures. It’s in a area, a small part of our huge cosmic existence. If it takes us close to his huge plan on earth,then it is never a failure in reality as the world  forces you to believe. 

Analyze the failures in God’s light, before succumbing to worlds pressure of feeling like a loser. 


One thought on “Systems that fail us

  1. Many families of groom and bride do everything to prove the partner they chose is not worth.

    This happens in almost everyone’s life…

    It’s hard to overcome such descrimination…

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