My grandparents, now great grandparents:blessed Jaden. 

The month was a real blessing for me. The Lord granted some deep desires of my heart. After 5 years of marriage and 2 years of planning i revisited my native, my birthplace, Tirunelveli. 

One of the biggest desires I had in life, was to get married in front of my maternal grandparents and  show them my son, their great grandson, so that they can bless him.  

My maternal grandmother (patti)  has been my role model. A women far ahead of her times. She is the reason we are in a good position today. A devout Christian, a retired school teacher, one of the only rare educated women in the village, people showered her with respect and still do, teacher Amma they call her.  

My maternal grandfather(thatha) , a educated person, a Congress member, a known personality in tirunelveli district,  was well acquainted with many big people and his whole life he has spend helping people get education and jobs. The number of people he has helped reach a good position in life are many. 

Now both are frail and lean. 

In my wedding, my thatha only took and gave my thalli (mangalsutra).  I feel so blessed to have them in my life. 

Also, I was with my in laws, my aunts, my cousins, my relatives. All of them showered their love and attention on Jaden. I was full of nostalgia and a deep sadness, that i am not a part of this life on a regular basis. 

I can never express the joy, the love, the gratitude I feel when I step down on the land of nellai. There is a scent in air, it’s only found here, scent of nature and fresh air.  Now where else I have smelled this scent. 

I feel deeply sad, about not being there for long. But I thank the Lord for his faithfulness towards us. 4 generations of faithfulness. 

Thank you Jesus for this faithfulness. 

This is a pic of my grandmother, with me and my little sis as kids. It was taken in kochin, where we lived then. 


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