Mundane is the toughest thing to handle. For a married Ppl especially. The boredom of everyday life has to battled, along with carrying on the career, housework, raising kids. 
All those trips, domestic and international ceases, within days. Back to normal life is a big headache in itself. All those gossiping women in society and workplace are actually trying to pump in some life in their lifeless life.

Birthdays, anniversaries slowly getting as normal days. Some deliberately trying to spice it up with posh birthday celebration of kids in big hotels, going to Malls, movies, buying dresses, taking pics and uploading in Facebook and Instagram, getting happiness by the likes of friends who are not even friends in true sense.

This is a average person’s life. And almost all of us are pushed to these. And we will do this till, our kids get to 10th, 12th, then the rush of getting into colleges, then get them married, phew…

Is this all life is all about.?

First studying, then working 8 to 8, raising kids. 

Didn’t know all this while growing up. But even doing this is not so easy. 

Some get stuck without placement, some in same less package for years, some struggling to find good groom, some waiting for kids.

Even this normal mundane life is a privilege in India. Most of us are  just living to pay our education and house loans. 

And there I am trying to do something that’s worth. That is beyond the happiness of Facebook and Instagram likes. 

Hope I do end up, with something better, something really worth in this life. But also fulfill this normal mundane life. Amen. 


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