Doubtful me!

doubtIn the past 27 years of my life, I have had many many doubts about the plans of God and if,  there existed a God, why he allowed this, that etc etc. I even doubted,  if at all,  bible is relevant at all times.

The major places where  I doubted the existence of God is when I see poor people, people begging and homeless, dalits suffering, killed, earthquakes, and floods that destroy  lives, bomb blasts, and mass killings. If at all, there is a God, why he remains a  silent spectator, why he doesn’t act. Even a human being, tries to intervene and stop any violence in front of him.

Whenever I see small children abused,made to work, farmers committing suicide,  I wish I could ask God directly to stop all this, and do some good to them.

Another major part,  where i doubted the validity of Bible in the present age is forbidding of divorce, not allowing abortion, no pre marital relations, etc. how many people would be ready to listen all this in today’s age.

To all the doubts and drilling of mind and soul, I have always ended up with one answer,

Christ was, is and will always be God. He is always just and righteous. Beyond you and me. His words in bible is relevant today, tomorrow and always, till the end of time.

I will write answers of  the queries i have mentioned above,  in the coming articles so as to pen down the answers as revealed to me. Though there are very few areas,  where i still lack answers and will pray and seek them.



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