Christian frauds1

mqdefaultEvery now and then pops a video with pastor waving his hands and people running here and there. Literally making it shameful to the faithful and righteous Christians.

I am blasphemous.


Do I belive in Holy Spirit?


But what is the purpose of running here and there and falling as soon pastor keeps hands on your head. In what way is it helping anyone?

There are  3 main reasons behind this.

1. Most people who are fooled such are dalits who are poor and uneducated. Their minds are naive and gullible, who just are convinced that this is the way they should act. Each person imitates the other and the whole crowd ends up doing these silly acts.

2. It could be some evil spirit. gal-img3

Word of God says test every spirit.  Not every spirit is holy spirit. Only when Bible and spirit go hand in hand it is holy Spirit.

3. They could be actors.mqdefault1

Many small time fake preachers in order to gather crowd, pay poor people to act weird things,Making use of their need of money.

Good preachers, true anointing, working and the power of holy spirit,  I do not deny. But such preachers who fool people should be brought to light and people should be educated to stay away from such preachers.


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