Phase – ‘Will I ever work?’

IMG_20170412_154429The market conditions in my field of epc is very bad. Many companies are shut down and many layoffs. I am looking for a job opportunity but no luck till now.

My last company where I worked for 3+ years with no big salary and image for just one reason, the Long term service will help me in maternity,  ditched me in last minute. Denying me maternity leave extension. All other women in past were helped,  just with me they did this. I am financially weak. But still at peace, for one reason,  my little baby,  my Jaden,  my preemie baby is doing very well.

Also,  my mind is now slowly getting off the past scars and pains. I am looking for a new life,  having new thoughts,  and a new outlook.

But this uncertainty,  whether I will get a good job,  I will be a working women or be forced to be a housewife. While this uncertainty,  makes me anxious,  I am trying to make the best of this time. Being with family. No office tensions. Being with sissy,  getting up late,  having mom cook all my food,  dad with us and playing with Jaden. It’s really a blessing. Not at all complaining. But I am still trying to get a job,  because in the long run,  I need money.  Let’s wait and see,  what God has in store for me.


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