Cannot be void

this-or-that-900I will not embrace chirst,  but I will not do bad also. I will be neutral. I will abandon none. I will embrace none. I will be void of all these religious talks.  I will be just myself.  Just do every day deeds and harm none. Isn’t that fair enough.

The fact is we cannot be void. We cannot be neutral.  We cannot just be ourselves. We will either be full of holy spirit or will entertain some evil spirit. We will be tuned of word of God or by principles of the world,  music,  movies we watch,  news we hear,  opinions of others. We will either have desires of the world or desires of soul. We will want to impress people or God. We will race with others or have a spiritual race.

Just we cannot be void.  Cannot be neutral. Just cannot carry out every day life without inclining to any sides.



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