A dream I had forgotten

Bhavana miss, my 4-5th std teacher,was
Fair and wore bright orange saree, used to bring her naughty son namman to school.while taking class he used to climb here and there. hqdefault

So much I loved seeing that as a kid, that after that whenever we used to play teacher teacher or other games, I always had Vishnu ( a small boy of 3-4 years old) as my son or student while others had Dolls as their students. I loved carrying him always. Playing with him. He too reciprocated that love. I remember once when I fell down and was crying, he wiped away my tears.

Always wanted to be a mother without my knowledge also. Especially have a namman for me.

In the rat race of this life, I had almost forgotten my own desires. Just now when Jaden turns naughty, climbs here and there. Now I remember, the namman and Vishnu I loved to mother as a young kid.

Later in my fellowship Church, as the mothers ran and controlled the naughty boys. I used to silently watch and wait for my own son. I have no less love for girls. Would love a princess someday. Just the longing was since childhood.

I had forgotten about all this.

God had remembered.

Now as  I carry Jaden. I Thank God, atleast  now it occurred to me, not to neglect this little bundle of blessing as though something ordinary.









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