Memories of haldia: alpana

Stay in haldia has enriched me and my little sis in many ways. One worth mentioning is our skills in art. Sissy does sketching and I so bit of painting. And it all started in haldia.

I remember we had a drawing peroid in our kendriya vidyalaya, And a drawing teacher, he said he used to draw for arresting culprits by police, which was for us kids a big deal back then. we used to proudly tell others about him.

It was him, who asked us to cover the drawing notebook with a black chart paper and draw a alpana on it. It is somewhat similar to a kollam in Tamil nadu or a rangoli in North. I still remember the mango shaped alpana I drew with white poster colours.somewhat like this.eff88016ea7f28494261735e25bc91f8

This still remains one of my favorite designs .


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