Foolish meme

Found this widely circulated meme in Facebook.g1365167289977800419

Seen or heard anything more foolish than this?

If you are wondering what’s foolish , it’s rather a intelligent question.

Go to a Tamil church. You will hear dhaveedh for David. Yacob for Jacob. Yesuve for Jesus. How did these names change?  These are tamil translations for the the English names. No its not like proper noun is same everywhere.

Similarly Jesus and his disciples had Hebrew or Aramaic names. Which are not Jesus, Simon, Peter, Thomas etc.

These are the words of professor IRA from Los Angeles. You can follow his blog

“Jesus was referred as yehoshua.

Simon was Shimon. James was Yakov (that is, Jacob). John was Yochanan. Bartholomew was Bar-Talmai (son of Ptolemy). Matthew was Mattityahu, meaning, “gift from God.” Thomas was Tau’ma, an Aramaic name. Thaddaeus was a variant of Theudas, which was a Grecian version of Judas or Yehuda.

Andrew and Philip are interesting because those are clearly Greek names—Andreas and Filippos; there are no Hebrew equivalents. Thus, we may surmise that Andrew and Philip were either Grecian-Jews or Grecian-Gentiles. In all probability, we may discount the theory that they were Gentiles: Jesus was a Jew who saw his mission as teaching and healing his fellow Jews. “I am not sent but unto the lost sheep of the house of Israel.” Matthew 15:24. It would be hard to imagine preaching to Jews while having Gentile Apostles.

Judas Iscariot was Yehuda. ”





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